good to be busy…

In this past week, we worked with the lovely and talented Todd Marcinkiewicz at 3Bicycles on the new front page you can see here (looking forward to working with him on some more design enhancements we have in mind), walked a bunch of Foley for the film adaptation of Planting Seeds by Thich Naht Hanh, started work on a short documentary about an excellent photographer who lives in New Mexico (not sure we can brag about just how excellent this photographer is, but we will as soon as we’re sure we’re allowed to), recorded voice-over for a commercial being produced in Boston, bid a feature doc that’s really cool (again, we’ll tell more when we can), had a meeting in Santa Fe about another really exciting feature doc project, booked 2 ADR sessions for Monday, and it looks like we’re going to bid a Foley feature job later today…. wow, no wonder we’re tired. We hope you had a productive week, too, and have a restful weekend.

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