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Social distancing:

  • Our recording space has a separate entrance from the lobby and our mixer can sanitize the room in advance of the performer’s arrival; there’s no need for mixer and performer to ever be in the same room.
  • We’ve been working with remote workflows since our inception. The most reliable approach (and the one we use most) is if you have access to Source-Connect and Pro Tools at your end. We‘ve also done remote work via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, uStream, Source-Live and can adapt to just about any way of broadcasting our mix and collaborating in real time with you.
Supervision Services:

  • Full Audio Post Supervision
  • Complete Post Referrals
  • Supervising Sound Editorial
  • Music Supervision
  • Music Contracting
  • ADR Supervision
  • Foley Supervision

Creative Services:

  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition
  • Music Mastering
  • Music Production
  • Re-recording Mix
  • Audio Restoration

Editorial Services:

  • Supervising Sound Editorial
  • Dialog Editorial
  • ADR Editorial
  • Music Editorial
  • Effects Editorial
  • Foley Editorial
  • Atmospheres Editorial

Internet Services:

For the Gearheads:

  • Pro Tools HD2|Accel 7.4
  • Pro Tools LE 7.1
  • Waves Platinum, W43, etc
  • Izotope RX
  • Soundtrack Pro 1
  • Logic 7
  • Yamaha P-60 Electronic Piano
  • Blue Sky 5.1 monitors
  • Lots and lots of pretty cables (and some ugly ones)
  • If we don’t have it and we need it, we’ll get it.

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