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Hear Kitty Studios

Audio Post-Production Services

Selected Projects:


ADR Specialists via Source Connect/ISDN/phone patch/Skype

Hollywood skills & experience

Albuquerque, New Mexico location

worldwide collaboration specialists

our work qualifies for 25-30% rebate from

New Mexico (no matter where you shot)

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Louis Armstrong once said “if it sounds good, it is good.” Hear Kitty Studios is dedicated to that philosophy and to making the world sound better. Our specialty is one-stop-shopping for audio post production: bring us edited picture with rough dialog and temp music, and we’ll give you a cohesive, lush soundscape. Of course, all of our services are also available à la carte:

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ADR specialists (VO, too!)

Source Connect/ISDN

supervising or supervised sound editorial

final re-recording mix

sound design & custom sound effects

full service Foley

print mastering & deliverables

music production & composition

audio “sweetening”

Not in New Mexico for post? No problem: we have established tried and true internet workflows enabling us to collaborate with producers all over the world.No matter how large or small your project, we can make it sound good, and you know what Louis says about that.

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